Monday, May 16, 2011


We have not heard that word much in this the Charlie Sheen era!

I was coaching a second and third grade soccer team Saturday morning in a community league that my daughter plays in.

In this league they are trying to get kids involved and the focus is on development so there is no score.  That being said there may not be a score but everyone pays attention to the goals that are scored.

I struggle with both sides of this....I am a competitor so I want to keep score and win at everything...I also understand the importance of the young psyche and the need for development.  I get a kick out of the parents keeping score and pushing it on the kids.....everyone wants to know who is winning and for all the years I have coached kids in these type leagues I tell them if they are trying and they are having fun they are winning.  I know far too well if I played to win by the number of goals we outscored the others by we would need to understand the goal and the measurement for a true win....if the goal is development of kids and I use my best kids to win by 12 goals and I don't develop the other children did I win?

Thnk about your life...many things we do to "win" daily may not get us to our ultimate goal....try and figure out what define's winning in your life and mirror your day to day actions to those activities.

You may be real surprised at how things start to go for you if you take this approach!

Good Luck!

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