Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saved By The Bell

Yes my last name is Slater and for those of you saved by the bell fans I have taken the Mario Lopez jokes straight to the head....the cute jock was always a part of ribbing me the balding over weight guy!

I always wondered if the stars would align one day and I believe they have.....Lopez has a book out and he has been doing interviews...he is very into fitness and his family so I feel we finally have something in common.

I was watching him on a show last night and he made some great points that I firmly believe is accountability and having a person or people in your life to keep you physically and emotionally in check.  The other point was the importance of family togetherness...whether it be for meals or other times during the day there is a real value that can't be substituted for family togetherness.....the last point was around diet....throw the word out make good healthy changes and decisions...a diet is temporary don't diet make good healthy changes you can live with.

Sorry about the delay on the post today the system is bogged down.

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