Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Scale Part Deux

Funny that I brought up the scale discussion yesterday.

We had a birthday party here last night for my son and as we all started eating cake we got into discussion about diet and weight etc.

It was a very interesting discussion in that all people seem to have a bit of a different take.

As I asked a few open ended questions I found it very interesting that most people in the discussion felt that it all kind of is what it is and the number on the scale truly represented where they were going forward.

It made people feel good to know that they were at a certain number....the next three weeks the numbers and habits were irrelevant as long as they felt good for a few days all was well.

This was a real interesting discussion in that parts of it are incredibly true and other parts are a bit unfounded.

It is true that if you live and eat well for a week and then get on the scale you will or should feel pretty good about whatever number you still need to take into account what you were doing for three weeks before you started living well...there needs to be balance.

I was 288 lbs and on cholesterol meds...I used to go in for my check up get the OK on cholesterol and head right to Buffalo Wild Wings for a dozen wings and a basket of buffalo chips with cheese....afterall I had just gone to the Dr. and my cholesterol was OK...who cared if I was 288 lbs 54% body fat and on cholesterol meds I was OK at the Dr. so I could do whatever I want...I was superman.

Took me awhile to learn that I had to clean up my lifestyle and not just behave when I was headin to the Dr. or up for another large situation where I had to behave.

You want to understand the number on the scale long term not just use it as a check in point!

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