Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drive Dedication Committment

Amazing how many discussions and topics can bring us back to this!

I was reading an article on age and exercise....they were explaining that exercise is the true fountain of youth....many people over the age of 67 were interviewed for the piece and the underlying theme was was not about just staying active it was about being dedicated to an active lifestyle to stay happy and healthy.  It discussed emotional and physical benefits.

The best story was about an 86 year old gentlemen.  He has always been very active and he was an avid runner through his 60's.  He got to a point in his 70's that he went to the bike and walking.  Now he walks alot he walks 2 miles a day five days a week and does resistance training the other two.

The actual activity is not the amazing thing in this story the dedication is!  He walks every day and works out on his scheduled days regardless of weather or schedule....he has found ways to stay focused and not miss a work out.

Even if it is raining or freezing cold he has found places he can walk indoors to cover his two miles.

These are the things that differentiate people.....very easy on a cruddy day to bag the routine but if you are truly dedicated and committed you will stick with your routine no matter make it a priority!

This gentlemen referenced above recently had a check up with his doctor and the doctor told him he had a good forty years left if he kept up the wlaking and stayed do the math.

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