Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make your own luck!

Tonight my beloved Cleveland Cavalier's try and get the first pick in the NBA Draft through the lottery.  It is very hard to make your own luck in a lottery but in most things in life it truly isn't luck it is putting yourself in a good position to have good things happen to you!

Think about it....many times we tell people they are lucky or it appears people are lucky but more times than not people make there own luck.

You need to work hard every day to be in the right place at the right time for good things to happen.

I have told many people I have worked with over the years that luck won't usually find you when you are sleeping an extra few hours in the morning or sitting on the couch watching your third hour of TV in the evening.

If you get out and do things meet people find new interests there is a much better probability that good things will follow.

As you go through the next few days and good things happen think about what you did to put yourself in that position...if you feel like a dark cloud is following you.....you feel like Shleprock on the Flintstones....think about what you could have done to change your luck!

Tonight I will watch as the ping pong balls bounce around......it is a very helpless situation but whoever wins the first pick is the benefactor of luck...as soon as the picks are slotted a sauvy owner of another team will be working to make their own luck when the draft starts!

Just because luck will fall upon someone when they are assigned the first pick it does not mean luck will ensue when the draft starts...I would argue the executive team of an NBA franchise that works the hardest to make the best pick in the draft could have pick number 1 or pick number 18 but their hard work will have made them lucky in other's perception....reality they made their own luck!

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