Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jamie!

I set my post up yesterday for the discussion today!

For those of you that don't know my story....Jamie is my brother in is the third celebration of his graduation to glory!  He battled cancer for seven years and graduated to glory a few years back!  We love you and miss you Jamie but we know you are in a place we all long to be!

Yesterday I posted all of the wonderful excuses that were out there in relation to not being able to exercise.  All of them have merit but for me those all went away after I internalized Jamie's battle with cancer.....there was no excuse for Jamie.....he was very sick but he worked every day he could until the final week he spent on this earth....Jamie was not perfect he had many flaws but making excuses was not one of them!

I learned from him more than he will ever know......once I realized that I had people right here on this earth that I live every day for and that I would die for I realized personally and professionally that had to be my motivation.

When I was losing weight I lost focus of that and I took time away from my profession and my family in the name of a good cause....FITNESS!

There is no good or noble cause when the very thing you live for are being compromised by an obsession.

The personal and professional balance piece here is HUGE!

Without balance nothing good can come of most things.  I have been posting a lot about true motivator's in your life and excuses and I have been doing that for a reason.

I hope you all have taken personal inventory and thought through your true motivation in life.  Once that is identified and you temper it with reality in relation to it's true validity you are ready to move on....until the true motivation in your life mirrors your day to day goals and actions you will really frustrate me I am an expert on this one...I learned from some real big mistakes in this area!

On this special day for me I think about Jamie and he is with me every day to help me understand the importance of my family my friends my religion and my loved ones.

Jamie is adriving force in my life and I hope he will always be....that being said I wake up for myself every night and I go to bed every night for myself...all the things in between are my decision and I make them for a reason......Jamie and other influences in my life have helped me mitigate a lot of bad choices I used to make.....the excuses have gone away but it is a challenge each and every day!


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