Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why do you do the things you do?

This is a deep question for a Sunday morning but what the heck!

Have an extra cup of coffee and thikn this one through!

Have you ever really thought abotu why you are driven to do things?

Excelling in athletics, academics, work?

What are your drivers and why do you do things?

Answers to these type questions can be very simple or extrememly complex.  It is a variable based on the person.  A question in a certain area can be very simple for one of us and a three day session of rationalizing and reasoning to another!

Why do you go to Church?

One person says because that is what my family has always done!  Another person has a life changing story as to what brought them to church and why they still go!

The reason I have brought this up is because you really want to make sure your driving motivation for things makes sense and ultimately that the driver is healthy!

Why do you want to bench press 350 lbs?  Why do you want to lose 100 lbs?  Why do you want to make $150,000 a year?  Why do you want a 4.0 in high school?

All these have a short answer anthen an answer that lies under the surface!

Think about some of these type questions that would be relevant in your life!

I will share a few that I have dealt with over the last few years as we go through this week.....and I will even share my failures around the drivers and motivators so stay tuned.

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