Thursday, May 26, 2011


What would life be like if we really focused on things that were in our control?

I firmly believe if we could all take a step back and just deal with things we can directly control we would be much happier and productive.

My son is an over that from his mom!  :):)

He wants everything to be in order and directions to be followed.....he gets incredibly frustrated when other kids don't listen and they disobey.  This is an admirable trait but one that I told him will drive him is great to want everyone to do the right thing it is also great to want order, peace harmony etc.

It is not is not who we are as a Country or what we will ever be.

You can control what you can control whether you listen or can control the type of example you are but you really can't control what anyone else does.

He is fighting this battle every day....I am learning from him and I am very proud of him but it helps me remember each day that we can only control the controllables.

Focus on what is inyour control today and I bet you feel great at the end of the day!

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