Saturday, May 21, 2011

Model the Way

In a few short weeks the kids will be out of school and ready to rumble...the streets will be crazy with the kids...Oh those are the old kids sit inside and watch one of 9000 channels or they play on the computer or many of the game systems...what a wonderful world we live in today...for our families friends and all the kids out there we can be examples...who cares if it is a little bit hot outside get out there and do active!

Lead by example gang....there are so many opportunities each and every day to get outside and be active...I love to watch TV and I really love to sit inside and read or go out under a tree and chill.....I am learning that if I will play basketball, golf or running bases maybe even go on a bike ride or hike the kids love it...they have a hard time getting out and doing things on their own but if I will do things with them they are all about it!

This is a different approach but it is a leadership concept that kids or adults can is called modeling the way.....don't talk about things do thing!

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