Tuesday, May 10, 2011

24 hours

Someone was busting my chops the other day and saying how can you say 24 hours to success!

I stand by the claim....I may even go to 1 hour or a 1/2 hour...the deal is that it is all a mind set....it make take you two minutes to mentally decide your pursuit...the hard work comes after but once you make a decision to go after a goal.....you are either the type of person that will put a plan in place to achieve the goal or you will make excuses and quit before you even really make a dent in the end result!

My wife is a great example...when she decides on a pursuit it is done the minute she sets the goal...may take a few weeks or a few years to get to the end result but she will succeed.

Set your goals and be realistic on a time frame....nothing more frustrating than setting goals with unrealistic expecatations in regard to attainment...be fair give yourself a chance and most importantly make the decision to go after something and then stick with it!

You to can achieve your goals in minutes...just be strong between the ears and have heart!  :)

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