Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last Example

What is the motivation for eating less?

Many people eat less to lose weight.

That can be a good strategy for quci weight loss if you need to lose a few lbs. I would argue with anyone that would like to listen that long term it is nt a solution.  You should not eat less to lose different ...... eat smaller portions more frequently but eating less on the whole is not a great strategy for losing weight.

You need to be mentally ready to handle challenges in life personally and professionally and you need to know why you are doing things.  If you have  a strategy in place for whatever you need to do  and you understand why you are doing things your success rate will skyrocket!

Whether it is how much money you much weight you want to much you bench is truly about how you get there not the actual accomplishment....stay cognizant of how you get there and the odds of maintaining the result will appreciate tremendously.

If you have ever lost weight think about how it happened?  You don't usually just bump into it...there is usually a strategy or effort behind the loss.....if you think about that in anything you want to do in life you will get results...think about why you are doing things going forward and make sure the motivation is one that can be sustained long term.

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