Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What are your challenges?

I came across a very interesting article yesterday!

over 3,607 people were interviewed on their biggest challenges to healthy eating, the results:

48%     Drinking Enough Water
48%     Too Much Junk Food
42%     Overeating/Portion Size
39%     Affording Healthy Food
35%     Emotional Eating
34%     Poor Willpower

Yes the people questioned could answer more yes to more than one topic.

What would your reasons be?

The cost is a major factor to is hard to believe tha in a society that says it wants to drive off obesity...everywhere we go and everywhere we look it is the affordable option to eat crappy.

Whether it is the grocery store fast food or sit down restaurants the budget conscious person is going to be stretched to make the right/healthy decision.

It kind of is a no win situation.  The other examples are all very good and realistic.....many many people I talk to each week point out the issue of emotional eating.....I never realized what a big deal that one was until recently....I hope these were some good examples as you continue to take inventory on your situation!

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