Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Scale

It is always interesting to get people's thoughts and views on the scale.

I know so many people that will weight themselves two and three times a day.

I always ask them if they are part of a science experiment?  The body is just not made to weight in that frequently.  Unless your job depends on it......wrestler boxer or some of the other vocations where the number on the scale has a true bearing I am of the firm belief that the scale is a great accountability partner but that is use it so you don't let yourself get way out of whack.

I feel you need to get to a point that you have a 10-15 lb long as you stay within that all will be fine...the truth is if you stay within about a 30 lb window the world wouldn't end you just probably wouldn't be real comfy in your jeans.

If you don't use the scale as anaccountability partner you balloon up and don't realize what hit you........that is what happened to me and 150 lbs was on me over 10 years before I knew it!  That was about 15 lbs ayear which in any given year would have been manageable to control if I would have kept tabs on it but I just let it go!

The scale is a necessary tool you just need to use it for the right purpose!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need your help!

I know we don't get many comments on ere but I am trying for some other opinions.

The often do you weight yourself or do you let the clothes do the talking?????

I am a proponent of the clothes concept but I truly fell if you don't weight in weekly and maybe monthly weight gain can be a given!

I truly feel that without a weekly to monthly accountability...monthly for maintenance...weekly for weight gain or are really cheating yourself.

Let me know your thoughts and I will create more discussion on this the next few days on this site!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break!

Yes it is that time of year at our house!

The good news is that even though it is only 17 degrees today the warmth is on the way!

Winter is a brutal season for all of our health and wellness....poor weather conditions lots of parties all the things that don't usually make us real successful in are quest to get in better shape.

You may have really lost it over the winter can get bummed and quit or choose to make a difference in your life going forward!

Throw out the rear view mirro and look ahead.

Whatever you have done in the past it is just that the past....time to look ahead and figure out where you can go from here.....use Spring as a launching pad and put a plan in place that you can start as early as this evening!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Practice what you preach!

Sorry about the late post today....I was about to enter my post this morning and my wonderful 9 year old popped out of her room on the first day of her Spring Break at 6:45 and side tracked me!

Ahhhhh the energy of youth!

I am trying to take my own advice and rest a little these days!

Here are two very simple things that we can do daily to help us in our quest for happy healthiness....the good news is they are both things you can look forward to and they are easy!  Hydration spurs on energy and drinking cold water keeps you hydrated and it kicks your metabolism into high gear so drink ice cold water a few times a day when you need an energy boost and if you want to kick start the metabolism.

The other tip for today is to get your rest...whether it be sleep or just chilling out a bit make sure your mind and body are getting the rest they need.

It is imperative for your muscles and your mind!

There are two basics that should be real easy to follow!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 Calories?

I was reading an article yesterday that made me realize how every decision we make is HUGE in our pursuit of happy healthiness!

One bite of a McDonald's burger is over 20 calories.....a decision to walk up three flights of stairs instead of using the escalator or elevator is anothe 10 calories....all these things add up and no one decision will make or break you.

This goes back to moving more and eating less.

It is impossible to count calories and calories burned to the T.  You can have a balllpark but that is about it.

Work hard to make good decisions when you are opening yor mouth or deciding to lay on the couch or work in the yard.

If you sweat all the little stuff you will become paralyzed....if you look at every thing from the same view finder it will all slow down for you and you will be enabled to gain control.

Slow the thought process down and it will all come together for you if you make a "better" decision for your future!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eat More!

My wife had a very interesting conversation with one of our neighbor's at the store last night!

This particular neighbor was commenting on our dedication to walking every morning and every night.

The conversation turned to eating and this lady can't understand why she drinks diet soda all day with barely any food and she gains weight but then when she eats the weight falls off....she says she does not have time to cook....etc.!


When will people learn that the worst thing you can do for nutritional purposes and for weight loss is not eat enough.  If you don't hit your bodies minimum threshold for intake you will not only be miserable your body will store every calorie it can and you will not lose weight you probably will gain!

The moral to the story is eat more often and eat good foods you will be stisfied and the weight will either fall off or distribute itself in a healthy manner!

Trust me on this I have been down the road and I have learned on the weight gain and weight loss side of this!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sex and Exercise have risk?

Interesting article going around the last few days.

oth of the activities above are good for your heart but they are finding that is true only if they are done regularly.

If people don't exercise or have sex regularly these activities increase their probability for a heart attack.

I thought this was very interesting.  It makes sense ..... if you are not used to exercising or having sex and you jump into either you can put undue stress on your heart.

Never thought about it in this context before but it just goes to show you that consistency and moderation are good.

I was in a hotel this week and I walked by the fitness center and I saw some very large people working out and I thought about this article.  We need to encourage people to be smart and to ease into exercise.

Who would have thought exercise could be a risk to the heart!  :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Checking In

I hope everyone is well!  It is almost April and I hope you are all sticking to some type of plan.  Blogs are tough because they are not as interactive as I like.

I am dedicated to posting something every day and trying to help keep the fire lit for any/all of you out there.  If I stick in there with one person to help them through some trying times I will consider this a help/benefit.

If you are out there and you are hanging in with me let me know what I can focus on to help.  I am trying to check in and keep activity going so people don't fall of the fitness or diet wagon.

It is tough when you go it alone...I was very blessed to have a supportive wife on my journey!

I truly believe looking yourself in the mirror and keeping yourself accountable to whatever you are trying to accomplish is the only way to be successful but having someone there to push you is always a good thing as well!

Consider me the pusher....stay focused and you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Close your eyes and think about that word for a minute.

Does it getting you thinking about your family...a special friend......your job.......your diet.......your work out...maybe a pet?

Not sure what came to your mind but I was thinking about family and I think you can really put a healthy lifestyle in the category of whatever you were thinking about.  The healthy lifestyle concept will permeate all the above areas of your life.....mnay of the things I listed above are the most important things in our lives.

A healthy lifestyle if considered a part of all of them should become something you dedicate your life to not a season or a short period.....differences will be made when you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle for life not just to achieve a short term goal.

Where are you at in your dedicatin to a healthy lifestyle?

Let me know I would love to hear how people are doing!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Today is the first full day of Spring!

With the season change we should also see some decent weather starting to break!

Take a look at all the seasonal changes as an opportunity to change your focus.  Every season take inventory of how the last season ended...did you make progress on your fitness/diet goals?

As you head into the new season set some new goals or try and incorporate new lifestyle choices for yourself...this will become a lot like weighing yourself daily or will be a good checkpoint for you so the year does slide by and you find yourself 12 months down the slippery slope instead of just two or three which you can recover from quickly.

Stay focused and have some will be amazed with the outcome!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What was was What is is!

What a crazy Saturday we had!

Soccer season is upon us so I took my nine year old out with my wife to get shoes and some new shorts.

My wife is the lucky one that gets to do all the fitting and fun stuff like that while I amble around and look at stuff I like!  My daughter was a pretty big girl a year and a half ago and them we made a lifestyle change on diet for the whole family instead of just me changing we went all the way!

There was some resistance and the kids were not super pleased but we got through it and we are in a wonderful place as a family.

My daughter has grown over six inches in the last eighteen months and she has gone from an XL to an M!  Tremendous progress for her and the results are amazing.  It has done so much for her self esteem and her physical conditioning!

Here is the sad part....while they were trying on shorts yesterday my daughter told my wife she hates to a father that would have been music to my a mother the red flag went up......on the way home my wife asked my daughter why she made that comment and she explained that it reminds her of how big she was.....we immediatley explained to her that should make her feel very happy and accomplished she should not feel sad or abstain from shopping because of what she used to be.

My wife told her she had just heard on the radio how important it is to look forward instead of focusing on the past.  I explained what was was and what is is......I have had to come to grips with that in my own life.....I made many rotten decisions all through my life but there are no re do's or do over's.  We have to live with what we were and have been and focus on what we are and what we can be.

If we focus on the past we still our own potential.....if we look to the future we truly can be all that we were intended to be.

If you are stuck looking backwards vow to change that toward the future and use the memories of the past to fuel and drive you to whatever goals and outcomes you may want to achieve!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emotional Eating?

What is it?

Oh it is so many different things and I would say it is by far the least common denominator with most of us when it comes to weight gain!

I am not a drama queen by any stretch and I don't think of myself as tremendously emotional but when I think back through much of my weight gaining that sounded like child bearing..........I can attribute much of my weight gain to stressful times or areas in my life that food prvided me comfort.

This is the one trigger to get in touch with.  Understand if this is an issue for you and try and identify it as quickly as you can ....... once you understand if this is an issue for you it will enable you to take control of this dangerous can exercise and watch your food intake but if you don't harness emotional eating it will all get sabotaged!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Interval Training

For any of you that have spoken with me live or emailed with me you know I am a HUGE fan of interval training!

In my mind and throughout my weight loss journey....interval training was the fifferentiator in get 54% Body Fat to just under 8%.

Many people have been asking me what Interval Training really means.

It is a unique concept in that it means many things to many people.

I say figure out what it can mean for you and go with it!

The concept is the same no matter what activity you pursue....instead of running or riding at the same pace it calls for varying your work out......get the heart rate up for 30 seconds and then work moderatley for 60 seconds....crank it back up for 30 and so on and so forth.

It does not matter if it is walking and then walking faster.....sprinting and then jogging...whatever you can do vary the degree of intensity throughout your work out.

The reason you want to do this is your body will burn much longer post workout if you do thiss than if you just work out in a steady state.

Try it and I guarantee results over time!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

We have some great luck o the Irish our way this year!  We are used to snow and we should see 60 degrees today!

If you buy in to the 80-20 rule holiday's are good days to let go a bit....everyone is looking to eat out or go to a party so enjoy yourself.

This is one of those holidays that people tend to indulge in a few adault beverages......your choices make a huge difference in this department......Beers like Ultra or Amstel light are very safe choices.....Skinny Pirate (Captain and Diet Coke) or other mixeddrinks with Diet are very good choices....the big fu fu drinks with one shot of somethng and 20 oz of fruity sugary whatever are not the best way to go.

These arejust tips and at the end of the day it is all about having some fun so be safe and enjoy your friends and family.

This is one of those days to have some fun and enjoy all the great choices youhave been making this year!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Serving Size

This is a fun topic....what is a serving size?

In reality it usually isn't what we are served.

What do you do when you are given a ginormous portion of something?  Do you force it down because you paid for it?  Do you save a part for a later snack or meal?

Many people have many different takes on this....I am very bad when I order something I find it my duty to eat it and I am not good at saving things for later.

My wife is awesome at this...yesterday she showed the way as she and my kids love Shamrock shakes....those type desserts are served in HUGE wife had me get one and she and the kids split it...she said it was a perfect portion.....if I would have got them all three their own I am sure they would have enjoyed the whole thing but it is a good example of enjoying a treat but doing it in moderation.

80-20 rule would say it is all good to enjoy a shake or whatever is a treat to you just make it the exception not the rule....think through portion sizes when ordering as well and see if you can make a good decision most of the time!  :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Biggest Loser Aboard

As you all know I live by the 80-20 favorite show is jumping aboard!

Sounds like this is the position they will discuss tonight.

Embrace the 80/20 Rule
Why perfectionism can stop you in your tracks
In this week's episode we watch Bob, to his delight, get his hands on contestant Rulon Gardner. It's a thrill for a trainer to work with a former Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, but Bob has some things to teach the ex-champ as well. "For you to get your life back," Bob tells Rulon, "it's going to be about balance. You know extremes. You know zero, and you know 200 mph. You don't know balance."

It's a struggle our Biggest Loser Club weight loss coaches help our members grapple with every day. As Greg Hottinger, RD, and nutrition expert told a BLC member recently, perfectionism is not the road to long-term weight loss success. He urges members to strive for meeting their plan's goals 80% of the time, and to give themselves a little slack 20% of the time. If they follow that principle, over time the weight will come off.

BLC Coaching Moment
"If you've been a perfectionist most of your life," Greg told a BLC member recently, "it's helpful to see where it stops you in your tracks -- if slipping leads to not being able to forgive yourself, which leads to losing momentum and desire to keep making healthier choices, then it's not working. And you may be able to see this clearly on the mental/logical level, but still struggle with it on the emotional level. If this is tough for you, dig deeper to see where this need to be perfect comes from and particularly where the punishment comes from. Is this a familiar childhood feeling?"

Like Rulon, you'll find that neither 0 mph nor 200mph is safe or healthy. But 50 mph? That sounds just about right!

80/20 can be a challenge but it is a key to success for lifetime results!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness

5:00 AM obligation tomorrow so I am getting an early post in!

It is March Madness and the brackets are a former BBall coach I love this time of year....hope springs eternal for many teams that truly don't have a shot at a National Championship in reality but for a few days everyone is 0-0 and ready to take their shot....all these kids have a great shot but it is dictated by the length of a game or their run in the great as we can all feel about the tournament and the chance all the teams have it is very temporary.....think about the new shot you get every morning you wake up breathing!

You hear it plenty but make today the first day of the rest of your life...Spring has Sprung.....start this season with a purpose and make every day count.

Rise and Shine

Hopefully, you were all over the clock thing wife and I just got back from a dark walk with the dogs....and we were just getting used to those light morning walks....the light evenings will be worth it though!

That is the point of the note today how will you use the extra daylight in the evening?

I have told many if you can hold serve through the Winter months you are way ahead of most people....average folks pack on 6-7 lbs over the winter lose around 4-5 in the Spring Summer and then end up with an extra 2-3 lbs of weight gain every year...this will tell you to take advantage of the Spring and Summer to get real active and enjoy life.

We will work on a strategy for next Winter and actually losing some weight then whan we get there!

Have a great Sunday and plan right now to take advantage of the extra hour of light this will be worth it!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eat Whatever You Want!

My son and I had a fun conversation at dinner last night.

He bowls with his classmates on Friday so when I pick him up around 6 we head to a special father son dinner....usually Denny's......yes, no expense spared!

I saw an articlethis week in USA Today and the question was if you could eat anything you wanted whenevr you wanted and not gain weight or you could have $10,000 which would you take?

This question was asked of women and 72% took the money the other 28% took the food super power!

My son and I talked about this for quite some time and we had good healthy debate.

The core of our discussion ended up being around long term health.

I said I would gladly pass up the $10,000 for the ability to chow down whenever I wanted without the scale laughng at me......he said but dad if it was only a good deal for a year because you got sick and died would it be worth about a moment of clarity....that was it gang....right there I remembered why I sacrificed to lose all the weight and start eating better!

Who said the 12 year olds aren't the ones with the best view on life?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Slater Challenge

Time for a quick re set!

What is the actual challenge?

It is whatever you make it....I will be here every day chirping in your ear about some topic that relates to health and can do with it what you will.....I am the accountability partner you have always wanted because if you get sick of me you just don't log on....I encourage everyone to track their progress monthly....set goals weekly if you need to and then jump on and feel like I am always here to check up on you or encourage you.

My challenge to everyone is to make you happier and healthier....I have found it and I want others to as well.

Let me know how I can help on your journey...we will all take different roads and may we all meet at a happy healthy oasis.....did I say oasis or Vegas!  :):)

Anyone that knows me knows Vegas is my Oasis!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The great calorie is a calorie debate!

I may be on the verge of a win in my position on the all calories are created equal has always been my position that calories are very different....the whole 3500 calories is a lb has driven me nuts the last few years.

The numbers may have some type of backing scientifically but it is all very mis leading.

Activity levels and types of calories are so pivotal in weight loss or conditioning it is almost unfair to tell people a calorie is a go eat 2000 calories of twinkies tomorrow and then the next day eat 2000 calories of borccoli and see how different your body responds.

We need balance and I am so glad to see weight watcher's adding fruit to vegetables on there eat as much as you want position.

Bottom line is too much of anything is bad but I can eat 3000 calories of pizza and hurt myself long term way more than if I eat 3000 calories of chicken or turkey....just something to think about.......this came up because I was reading in a Columbus paper the other day that they may do away with the average daily amount of calories guidelines because of these very findings.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here is a very important reminder.......the number on the scale is just that a number.

That number does not tell the whole could have a goal to lose 50 lbs and think you are doing so to become healthy when in fact you could be hurting yourself physically if you don't lose it the right way.

When you lose weight a good percentage of every pound is muscle.  If you lose too much muscle to quickly you are really not helping yourself.  Make sure when you set out to lose weight that you do it with balance.  A couple pounds a week is what is healthy.  It is OK to lose weight faster than that especially if you are real big like I was...just be careful if you start to get weak or notice yourself getting tired or sick....trouble sleeping is another indicator.

The scale is a great thing to hold you accountable just make sure you use the scale along with your mirror and clothes to validate your progress.....the scale will give you the number your clothes and your mirror will let you know how the weight distribution is going!

Monday, March 7, 2011


It is the 8th of March...we are almost at the quarter pole for the year and the weather is about to break for much of the nation.....what are you doing differently than you were doing 90 days ago?

Think back to December...are you eating differently are your exercise routines different?

The big question out there is what does your life look like now compared to 90 days ago?  If it is very different you are probably starting to see results....if you have a hard time answering the question you are probably right where you started if not worse off!

No matter which place you are at push forward...if you are stuck start doing things different today....if things are going well think about new developments you can make to shake things up....if you are doing interval training make the intervals a bit different or more intense...if eating is your thing get a bit cleaner with your is yours for the taking but now is a great time for a temperature check....I hope if you are honest you are in a different place than you were in December....if you aren't today is your day to change something....anything!  :)

Mindless Decisions

I am very proud of myself...usually birthday party equals cake and ice cream.....I was at my nieces third birthday party last cake ice cream.

Instead of just diving into cake and ice cream because it was a party Iactually thought about whether it was cake and ice cream I would enjoy.

My sister in law is a great cook so I made sure it was not something I would cake not my thing I am store bought over home made anyway.

In relation to yesterday the birthday blame for indulging in desserts was right there for the taking but I made a decision based on what I thought I would enjoy and boy did the fruit taste good when I got home and my body thanked me for it.

If I would have like the choices I would have indulged but I am learning not to just do things because it is a certain day or event I can still make up my own mind.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Buck Stops Here!

Yesterday we talked about how we impact other people in our span of influence when we choose to make good decisions about our health.

I will tell you that our "choice" is a huge piece of that.

We are responsible for every decision we make daily.

We can't blame the fast food industry for making it to easy for us to make a bad decision...whatever we decide good or bad was our decision!

We can't blame Corporate America or our culture for giving us no choice in our future...we make the decision.

We make decisions that are good and bad every day...some of us are financila nightmares...I myself am a fashion nightmare but whe I walk out of the house I chose to wear whatever I have concocted for the day....yes I can always blame others but it is my decision ultimately to do whatever I do.

You won't always make the right decisions but whatever decisions you make realize you made the decision and be accountable for it....don't look to blame others.

When you grasp this concept and live to it you will be amazed how easy it is to accomplish your goals!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's not just about you!

Many people do not dedicate the time or the effort to build exercise and good eating into their day.

People tend to feel guilty and they feel like they are taking time away from family, work or others around them.

This is such a will give the time back to the ones you love to the place you work and to others ten fold.

When I was heavy I had to sleep so much more that a few hours were automatically taken out of my day...with just moderate weight loss you will build 30 - 60 minutes back into your day just by being in better mental and physical condition.

The things you do for yourself will benefit the others around you as well as yourself.

It is tough in the start up phase as you feel like you are being selfish and you are only worried about you.....the truth is in the forst few months that is true but it is OK.  People understand the sacrifice you are making and over time they will thank you for the effort you put in to make everyone's life around you more fulfilling....the same can be said for your will become so much better and efficient at what you do day in and day out when your body and mind are functioning at there peak.

I am happy to be in the best shape mentally and physically at the ripe old age of 42 and I have the stats to back it up so please trust me on may feel like you are doing this just for you but you truly are doing this for everyone around you!

Stay the course!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A few basics....

I had some great discussions with people as I travelled this week......I want to share a fw things I thought were "basics" but to others they were "breaking news"!

If you are always do something you probably have a good shot at losig some weight or toning your body right?

Here are two concepts that people are not real well versed is tough to comprehend and the other is something folks just don't think about.

A body at rest is the anecdote for weght my mind a body at rest is a slow metabolism.

Concept 1)  Eat often...peole around me alot know I practice what I preach on this one....I eat within an hour of waking up to stoke the metabolism and I keep it going every two hours.  How does this work one might is actually pretty simple.

If you don't eat your body thinks it needs to store food...kind of like a bear and hibernation....if you don't eat when you wake up your body goes into preservation mode which will lead to weight gain as your body slows down to preserve for the "winter"....conversely if you eat frequesntly your budy processes things quickly and you can eat more as you have reached a level of satiety.

Concept 2)  Drink often...same concept as the first but if you stay hydrated your body will process the liquids and your body is at "motion" which leads to a faster metabolism and it creates work for your body so instead of being at rest while sitting it is processing really enhance this drink very cold liquids....your body needs to operate at a certain temperature so the harder you make it work to self regulate......conceptually.....the more calories you are burning......who would have thought there was so much to eat more, drink more!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Last Few Years!

I want to preface this post by saying I am a sales person and I have been for about the last 18 years!  I am not a fitness or nutrition specialist I just have opinions and a good bit of weight loss and physical conditioning to back it up.

Over the last few years I have been blessed to get my physical person in shape....that being said it was not rocket science just a lot of hard core mental and physical work daily.

I have been in Dallas all week with many people I have worked with for ten years.....they new "BIG BOY" Tommy and they have now known "RIGHT SIZE" Tommy for the past few will be faced with crazy days all through your life.....yesterday was one of those......breakfast buffet followed by lunch buffet followed by cookie ice cream and candy afternoon snack breackfollowed by a Brazilian Churrascaria for Dinner and no time to get a walk in!

Those days will happen and long tem health and fitness is not about what you do that day it is about what you do the next day and the day after...stay focused and don't give up or give in to temptation to scrap all your hard work!

I talked with numerous people this week that have told me my story has inspired change in their life and that makes me very happy on many different levels!

The one common denominator that they have taken from me is not to diet or to make extreme changes they can't live with...make gradual changes that are lifestyle changes....if you take that apporach you will change for a lifetime instad of a me....I have seen many people change the last few years!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


All of us need a motivation a driver......mine was my brother in law!

It was three years ago today that my brother/hero Jamie graduated to glory at the ripe old age of 37 after a seven year battle with cancer!

Jamie was given six months to live upon his diagnosis.

I watched him fight every day for seven years and as sick as he was he worked up until the last week.

I was lazy and selfish at the time....can't say the selfish part all went away but I am nowhere near as lazy now!

I went from 160 lbs to 288 lbs in about a fifteen year period and I thought it was fine...I was on medication and I was 54% body the age of 39 I probably would not see 50. I watched Jamie and as he passed I saw what it did to my wife and kids and I said I won't let it happen.

Jamie dorve me to make a change....I can't thank him in person today but I hope to one day!

Find a motivator find a driver and cling to it! are made a HUGE difference in my family and for that Stacey and I will always be my earned it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sorry Guys!

I think this is more a statement on society than on males in general though.

Do you really see what you think you see n the truthful with yourself!

69% of American males consider themselves physically fit

13% actually are

45% of American males use there home workout equipment as a place to hang their clothes

23 is the age the average American is in their best shape

1 is the average number of pullups an American male can do

12 minutes 17 seconds is the average amount of time a male can run a mile in

Just some fun things to think about.....ladies I will try and find stats for you tomorrow but this urges us to thik about reality instead of our DREAMLAND!  :)