Friday, May 6, 2011

Why excercise get's put on the back burner!

I read an interesting article yesterday in relation to why people put off exercise.

1037 adults were polled and they were given 5 reasons that people dont work out they could pick one of them none of them or all of them and here are the results:

No Time available  54%
Lack of Motivation   48%
Weather or Climate   34%
Illness or Injury    32%
Inconvenient Location  11%

Do any of you face these?  I used to use all of them until I realized that excuses are just what they are!  You have to get past excuses and get to the reason you choose to do thing in life!

Look at the excuses and think of any others you are can you get rid of them?

The answer is simple but you have to CHOOSE to do it!

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