Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday I spoke about doing things for yourself in the context of that not always being a selfish thing but in actuality a healthy thing for others!

I want to go a bit farther on that....many of you know that I dropped 154 lbs.....I did it because I wanted to spend a happy healthy long life with my wonderful family.

My goal and mission was to get healthy so I could be around longer for my family.  In order to do that for my family I needed to take some "Tom" time to get healthy and fit.  I got to a point where I was very healthy and fit physically but I continued to work out early in the mornign instead of having breakfast with my kids or later in the evening instead of reading a book with my daughter.

I had to look at myself and realize that "Tom" time was needed daily to keep the gaol alive of being here long term for my family and that time daily was good.

Once I was taking too much time away from my family it became selfish and it was not helping to achieve the goal I had set....after I reigned that back thngs have been very balanced and I feel positive about the outcomes.

Set a good healthy goal make sure it makes sense and then realize any time away from friends or family to accomplish that task is fair....anything overboard can be a bit selfish....hope that helps clarify my thoughts.

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