Monday, May 2, 2011

Example Number 2!

This is an early post for Tuesday as I will be travelling early in the AM.

Yesterday I shared the biggest issue I had faced in my weight loss was around doing things in the name of a better family life when I was really stealing time from my family with my fitness obsession!

The second thing I ran into was my assault on weight training and cardio in the name of losing weight and getting stronger...that was my theory but in reality I was depletig my muscle mass by working out to hard...I wanted to keep driving the number down on the scale and I did not realize I was shredding the muscle mass I had left so the more I worked out and ate less the more I was weakening my body instead of making it stronger!

This was another great example of telling myself I was doig the right thing when in fact I was physically hurting myself in the name of physical fitness!  CRAZY STUFF!

Think about why you are really doing things as I stated a few days ago...understand your driver and you will understand your true desire.

Mine was not to gain weight but I was doing it in the name of bulking up and being fit.

I did not understand that the law of diminshing returns was slowly killing me!

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