Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need your help!

I know we don't get many comments on ere but I am trying for some other opinions.

The often do you weight yourself or do you let the clothes do the talking?????

I am a proponent of the clothes concept but I truly fell if you don't weight in weekly and maybe monthly weight gain can be a given!

I truly feel that without a weekly to monthly accountability...monthly for maintenance...weekly for weight gain or are really cheating yourself.

Let me know your thoughts and I will create more discussion on this the next few days on this site!


  1. Tom - used to weigh in daily, but it was too depressing, since there were good days and slower day. I now do it weekly, especially every other week at my nutritionist appointment. She has a great free weight scale, which is the most accurate, and it keeps me honest!

  2. Good call Steve.....I have had this discussion with my wife for awhile...when she wants to lose she jumps on every day and she ends up frustrated and quitting.

    Until you understand that the weight of food or amount of sodium intake in a day can dramatically shift weight you will go nuts. You can eat a sweet potato or 5 chocolate chip cookies right after you eat these you would weight more after the sweet potato due to the weight of the food as it metabolizes it is very different. Look at the Biggest Loser folks...they work out 900 hours a week and eat like rabbits then lose 1 lb it is all an illusion. Clothes are the best indicator and how you feel but couple times a month is your best check I think.