Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rise and Shine

Hopefully, you were all over the clock thing wife and I just got back from a dark walk with the dogs....and we were just getting used to those light morning walks....the light evenings will be worth it though!

That is the point of the note today how will you use the extra daylight in the evening?

I have told many if you can hold serve through the Winter months you are way ahead of most people....average folks pack on 6-7 lbs over the winter lose around 4-5 in the Spring Summer and then end up with an extra 2-3 lbs of weight gain every year...this will tell you to take advantage of the Spring and Summer to get real active and enjoy life.

We will work on a strategy for next Winter and actually losing some weight then whan we get there!

Have a great Sunday and plan right now to take advantage of the extra hour of light this will be worth it!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Well I don't know about the extra hour tonight yet but I did just get back from a little neighborhood walk. I think I should have done that yesterday though when it was still in the mid to high 40's. I was dodging some snow flurries out there today!

    I mainly wanted to try out some applications on my new android phone. I created a homepage for workouts that has the pandora and a backpacking application on it. There are some others but haven't messed with them yet. All in all it worked well. I was able to listen to some tunes and record my walk. Hopefully that will help me track my activities and help motivate me to do more as well. We shall see. ;)