Sunday, March 20, 2011

What was was What is is!

What a crazy Saturday we had!

Soccer season is upon us so I took my nine year old out with my wife to get shoes and some new shorts.

My wife is the lucky one that gets to do all the fitting and fun stuff like that while I amble around and look at stuff I like!  My daughter was a pretty big girl a year and a half ago and them we made a lifestyle change on diet for the whole family instead of just me changing we went all the way!

There was some resistance and the kids were not super pleased but we got through it and we are in a wonderful place as a family.

My daughter has grown over six inches in the last eighteen months and she has gone from an XL to an M!  Tremendous progress for her and the results are amazing.  It has done so much for her self esteem and her physical conditioning!

Here is the sad part....while they were trying on shorts yesterday my daughter told my wife she hates to a father that would have been music to my a mother the red flag went up......on the way home my wife asked my daughter why she made that comment and she explained that it reminds her of how big she was.....we immediatley explained to her that should make her feel very happy and accomplished she should not feel sad or abstain from shopping because of what she used to be.

My wife told her she had just heard on the radio how important it is to look forward instead of focusing on the past.  I explained what was was and what is is......I have had to come to grips with that in my own life.....I made many rotten decisions all through my life but there are no re do's or do over's.  We have to live with what we were and have been and focus on what we are and what we can be.

If we focus on the past we still our own potential.....if we look to the future we truly can be all that we were intended to be.

If you are stuck looking backwards vow to change that toward the future and use the memories of the past to fuel and drive you to whatever goals and outcomes you may want to achieve!

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