Monday, March 7, 2011


It is the 8th of March...we are almost at the quarter pole for the year and the weather is about to break for much of the nation.....what are you doing differently than you were doing 90 days ago?

Think back to December...are you eating differently are your exercise routines different?

The big question out there is what does your life look like now compared to 90 days ago?  If it is very different you are probably starting to see results....if you have a hard time answering the question you are probably right where you started if not worse off!

No matter which place you are at push forward...if you are stuck start doing things different today....if things are going well think about new developments you can make to shake things up....if you are doing interval training make the intervals a bit different or more intense...if eating is your thing get a bit cleaner with your is yours for the taking but now is a great time for a temperature check....I hope if you are honest you are in a different place than you were in December....if you aren't today is your day to change something....anything!  :)

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