Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eat More!

My wife had a very interesting conversation with one of our neighbor's at the store last night!

This particular neighbor was commenting on our dedication to walking every morning and every night.

The conversation turned to eating and this lady can't understand why she drinks diet soda all day with barely any food and she gains weight but then when she eats the weight falls off....she says she does not have time to cook....etc.!


When will people learn that the worst thing you can do for nutritional purposes and for weight loss is not eat enough.  If you don't hit your bodies minimum threshold for intake you will not only be miserable your body will store every calorie it can and you will not lose weight you probably will gain!

The moral to the story is eat more often and eat good foods you will be stisfied and the weight will either fall off or distribute itself in a healthy manner!

Trust me on this I have been down the road and I have learned on the weight gain and weight loss side of this!

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