Thursday, March 10, 2011

The great calorie is a calorie debate!

I may be on the verge of a win in my position on the all calories are created equal has always been my position that calories are very different....the whole 3500 calories is a lb has driven me nuts the last few years.

The numbers may have some type of backing scientifically but it is all very mis leading.

Activity levels and types of calories are so pivotal in weight loss or conditioning it is almost unfair to tell people a calorie is a go eat 2000 calories of twinkies tomorrow and then the next day eat 2000 calories of borccoli and see how different your body responds.

We need balance and I am so glad to see weight watcher's adding fruit to vegetables on there eat as much as you want position.

Bottom line is too much of anything is bad but I can eat 3000 calories of pizza and hurt myself long term way more than if I eat 3000 calories of chicken or turkey....just something to think about.......this came up because I was reading in a Columbus paper the other day that they may do away with the average daily amount of calories guidelines because of these very findings.

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