Friday, March 4, 2011

A few basics....

I had some great discussions with people as I travelled this week......I want to share a fw things I thought were "basics" but to others they were "breaking news"!

If you are always do something you probably have a good shot at losig some weight or toning your body right?

Here are two concepts that people are not real well versed is tough to comprehend and the other is something folks just don't think about.

A body at rest is the anecdote for weght my mind a body at rest is a slow metabolism.

Concept 1)  Eat often...peole around me alot know I practice what I preach on this one....I eat within an hour of waking up to stoke the metabolism and I keep it going every two hours.  How does this work one might is actually pretty simple.

If you don't eat your body thinks it needs to store food...kind of like a bear and hibernation....if you don't eat when you wake up your body goes into preservation mode which will lead to weight gain as your body slows down to preserve for the "winter"....conversely if you eat frequesntly your budy processes things quickly and you can eat more as you have reached a level of satiety.

Concept 2)  Drink often...same concept as the first but if you stay hydrated your body will process the liquids and your body is at "motion" which leads to a faster metabolism and it creates work for your body so instead of being at rest while sitting it is processing really enhance this drink very cold liquids....your body needs to operate at a certain temperature so the harder you make it work to self regulate......conceptually.....the more calories you are burning......who would have thought there was so much to eat more, drink more!


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