Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Scale

It is always interesting to get people's thoughts and views on the scale.

I know so many people that will weight themselves two and three times a day.

I always ask them if they are part of a science experiment?  The body is just not made to weight in that frequently.  Unless your job depends on it......wrestler boxer or some of the other vocations where the number on the scale has a true bearing I am of the firm belief that the scale is a great accountability partner but that is use it so you don't let yourself get way out of whack.

I feel you need to get to a point that you have a 10-15 lb long as you stay within that all will be fine...the truth is if you stay within about a 30 lb window the world wouldn't end you just probably wouldn't be real comfy in your jeans.

If you don't use the scale as anaccountability partner you balloon up and don't realize what hit you........that is what happened to me and 150 lbs was on me over 10 years before I knew it!  That was about 15 lbs ayear which in any given year would have been manageable to control if I would have kept tabs on it but I just let it go!

The scale is a necessary tool you just need to use it for the right purpose!

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