Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Serving Size

This is a fun topic....what is a serving size?

In reality it usually isn't what we are served.

What do you do when you are given a ginormous portion of something?  Do you force it down because you paid for it?  Do you save a part for a later snack or meal?

Many people have many different takes on this....I am very bad when I order something I find it my duty to eat it and I am not good at saving things for later.

My wife is awesome at this...yesterday she showed the way as she and my kids love Shamrock shakes....those type desserts are served in HUGE wife had me get one and she and the kids split it...she said it was a perfect portion.....if I would have got them all three their own I am sure they would have enjoyed the whole thing but it is a good example of enjoying a treat but doing it in moderation.

80-20 rule would say it is all good to enjoy a shake or whatever is a treat to you just make it the exception not the rule....think through portion sizes when ordering as well and see if you can make a good decision most of the time!  :)

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