Monday, March 28, 2011

Practice what you preach!

Sorry about the late post today....I was about to enter my post this morning and my wonderful 9 year old popped out of her room on the first day of her Spring Break at 6:45 and side tracked me!

Ahhhhh the energy of youth!

I am trying to take my own advice and rest a little these days!

Here are two very simple things that we can do daily to help us in our quest for happy healthiness....the good news is they are both things you can look forward to and they are easy!  Hydration spurs on energy and drinking cold water keeps you hydrated and it kicks your metabolism into high gear so drink ice cold water a few times a day when you need an energy boost and if you want to kick start the metabolism.

The other tip for today is to get your rest...whether it be sleep or just chilling out a bit make sure your mind and body are getting the rest they need.

It is imperative for your muscles and your mind!

There are two basics that should be real easy to follow!

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