Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 Calories?

I was reading an article yesterday that made me realize how every decision we make is HUGE in our pursuit of happy healthiness!

One bite of a McDonald's burger is over 20 calories.....a decision to walk up three flights of stairs instead of using the escalator or elevator is anothe 10 calories....all these things add up and no one decision will make or break you.

This goes back to moving more and eating less.

It is impossible to count calories and calories burned to the T.  You can have a balllpark but that is about it.

Work hard to make good decisions when you are opening yor mouth or deciding to lay on the couch or work in the yard.

If you sweat all the little stuff you will become paralyzed....if you look at every thing from the same view finder it will all slow down for you and you will be enabled to gain control.

Slow the thought process down and it will all come together for you if you make a "better" decision for your future!

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