Friday, March 25, 2011

Sex and Exercise have risk?

Interesting article going around the last few days.

oth of the activities above are good for your heart but they are finding that is true only if they are done regularly.

If people don't exercise or have sex regularly these activities increase their probability for a heart attack.

I thought this was very interesting.  It makes sense ..... if you are not used to exercising or having sex and you jump into either you can put undue stress on your heart.

Never thought about it in this context before but it just goes to show you that consistency and moderation are good.

I was in a hotel this week and I walked by the fitness center and I saw some very large people working out and I thought about this article.  We need to encourage people to be smart and to ease into exercise.

Who would have thought exercise could be a risk to the heart!  :)

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