Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's not just about you!

Many people do not dedicate the time or the effort to build exercise and good eating into their day.

People tend to feel guilty and they feel like they are taking time away from family, work or others around them.

This is such a will give the time back to the ones you love to the place you work and to others ten fold.

When I was heavy I had to sleep so much more that a few hours were automatically taken out of my day...with just moderate weight loss you will build 30 - 60 minutes back into your day just by being in better mental and physical condition.

The things you do for yourself will benefit the others around you as well as yourself.

It is tough in the start up phase as you feel like you are being selfish and you are only worried about you.....the truth is in the forst few months that is true but it is OK.  People understand the sacrifice you are making and over time they will thank you for the effort you put in to make everyone's life around you more fulfilling....the same can be said for your will become so much better and efficient at what you do day in and day out when your body and mind are functioning at there peak.

I am happy to be in the best shape mentally and physically at the ripe old age of 42 and I have the stats to back it up so please trust me on may feel like you are doing this just for you but you truly are doing this for everyone around you!

Stay the course!

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