Saturday, April 16, 2011

What are you afraid of?????

This has been a very long week for my wife and I!

Our daughter is having issues with the dark and not being able to sleep!  At the ripe old age of nine she always thinks she knows best and she does not understand why if she has her light on she can't get good rest.

As my wife and I explain she needs the light off and noise at a minimum to get good quality sleep she knows better and fights to have the light on and the radio loud and then wonders why she can't sleep.

Being afraid of things like the dark are nothing to sneeze at as a kid I to was afraid of the dark and it was paralyzing at times so I in no way minimize that fear with my daughter and I try and help her.

My patience wanes the third or fourth time she wakes me up at night but I try and persevere.

She said something to me last nightthat was revealing....she said I don't feel like you and mommy are supporting me.....I bit my lip and and counted to ten before I gave her a response but the bottom line was for right or wrong the level of support you get from others is paramount as you work through issues in your life.

Whether you are nine or fifty we all have fears and your support structure can be pivotal in putting those fears to rest!

Think about things you are afraid of and then think about your support structure in those areas.  If you work to create better support in those areas you may really be surprised with how that will afftect you long term and enable you to put some fears to bed!

So even though my daughter was a bit out of line when she didn't feel supported that lack of support was real to her and as I address it going forward maybe I can get a good night's sleep!  :)

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