Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Day?

It has been said many times that there are good days and there are bad days!

Seems to me that far too often they tend to come in bunches.....many days that are right down the middle and then streaks of good days and bad days.

What I have had to work very hard to learn to do is keep them in perspective!

What is a bad day to you?

What is our bad day to the service man in Kandahar, Afghanistan?  How about the child that just lost their mom?  The man that hasn't eaten in a few days?  The adolescent diagnosed with terminal cancer?

I am sure you get where I am going with this!  Yes a flat tire or a speeding ticket really suck!  To my son there may be nothing worse than sitting down with me twice a week and eating broccoli, sweet potatos and grilled is alll about perspective!

If we keep a healthy perspective on things I have found our mental health and day to day level of well being will increase dramatically.

Things at work or at home can be a pain in the neck but if you keep things in perspective you may be amazed at how good you start to feel on a consistent basis!

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