Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Excuses

I use the title a lot but I think it truly is my driving force.  I can be the King of excuses so I need to work hard every day to not allow the excuses to creep in!

This week my wife and I were going on a Canopy Tour for our anniversary....the weather was so bad schools were delayed because of the flooding.  On our way to the Tour they called and cancelled!  My wife and I were already for a canopy tour and three hours of hiking!

We looked at each other and thought a day in the Spa would be relaxing but we pressed on and decided number 15 in the wilderness hiking and enjoying the outdoors is what we cam eto do and off we went.

We spent a soggy few hours that let up and dried out enjoying an amazing State Park and we had an awesome time.

I coach a nine year old soccer team and the fileds have been under water all Spring...we have had one practice and the games have all been cancelled.

It is very easy to cancel or postpone things!

This ne league director chose not to do the easy thing and she found a place to let the kids play indoor this morning.

With 635 kids in the program that was not the easy choice and she had her pick of choices but she did something that will help a lot of kids.

Excuses tend to provide us an easy path...take the hard path the rewards are much greater usually!

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