Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feed the Beast

Great comment from my friend Steve yesterday! (yes I called you my friend Steve)

Does not matter what stage of weight loss/gain/maintenance you are in you must eat frequently to accomplish any or all of the goals.

Yes I am saying that you must eat more frequently to lose weight and that made no sense to me as I started losing but the more I learned about my body it is a concept that I will keep with me for life.

If I am ever in a position in my life that I need to lose weight again I will make sure I eat as frequently as I do now.

It is imperative to feed the beast....remember a car, computer, clock etc. nothing can run without fuel....could be gasoline solar or battery powered...maybe electric but to be functional everything needs a source of energy...our body is the same...starving yourself or drastically cutting back on calories may help for a day or two but you must keep eating for the metabolism to be samrt eat clean and eat all day!

Get that is the best message you ever heard if you like to eat!

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