Friday, April 22, 2011

The Devil all around us!

My wife and I were enjoying the last few days together as we celebrated our anniversary.

We were at a gorgeous hotel and we went to a local State Park to hike and enjoy the outdoors....we ate all our meals out and enjoyed the hotel as much as possible!

On our drive home yesterday we got into a discussion about all the things around us that have made us much less active as a society.

From the day to day amenities at hotels and stores we shop at to all the decadent treats and meals you can get at restaurants.

The quest for happy healthiness is surely not an easy thing to conquer.

Every day you need to head into it with a game plan and you really need to challenge yourself to make the active healthy choice wherever you can....walk around the local mall instead of taking the shuttle...hit the stairs instead of the escalator...have egg whites in your is all the little stuff!



  1. Hey TS, Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.! Got my 18th coming up next week. Boy, time sure does fly. I started my weight loss in the Fall and have lost 48 pounds so far. I was thinking the other day how bummed I am about spending 6 months working on it and only losing 48, but I have to be honest with myself and everyone else - I've strayed from the program a few times, and although I'm still losing, I need to refocus and lose the amount of weight I want to. At least I'm not looking at not hitting my own goals as an easy way to quit. I really enjoy reading your everyday thoughts and outlook on life, and having the benefit of knowing you personally, you're still my inspiration, pal. Thanks! Steve C

  2. I will let Stacey know you wished her well....15 year sentnece and she is still kicking! :):)

    Brother 48 lbs is a dream for steps and you are going the right way! You have had many curve balls thrown at me and you are still fighting the fight...hang tough brother.

    Whatever you do enjoy number 18!

    Celebrate that and think about the next 18 you will get there if you fight the fight....80/20 brother....enjoy life and let me know if I can ever help!