Thursday, April 7, 2011

The weather is almost here!

We should be just about there gang!

In a few weeks hopefully most of us will be getting through the rainy/snowy damp Spring period!

Once we get to the other side what will you incorporate differently into your daily kids had Spring Break last week and the weather was not good.  The last few days the weather took a turn for the better and my daughter and I got to go outside and throw the softball.

With a weather/seasonal change you need to change your mind set......over the winter if you get down time you probably jump on the computer grab a book or watch TV.

When the weather changes you need to make it a priority to get will take a few weeks to make outdoor activities part of your routine but just like anything else if thattype activity becomes a pririty for you before you know it you will have made a lifestyle change not had a one time occurence.....start thinking about what you will do differently now and when the weather breaks make it a daily priority.

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