Saturday, April 9, 2011

Addicted to Food

My wife and I were watching a new show with Addicted to Food as the title last was incredibly interesting...they had overweight underweight and normal sized folks in the group therapy sessions.

My wife thoguht it was interesting that all of them were being treated the same way in the same group whane they were at such different places in their lives.

I told here to think about alcoholics or drug truly is the same thing and no one judges those type addicts by their physical make up.

All of us have mild to major forms of addiction in our lives.....understanding what they are is the challenge.

What obsatcles do you have in your life that hinder you from balance the same balance we discussed the other day.

Balance and moderatin are keys to a happy healthy life.

If you have anything you are addicted to that hinders you from this balance see what you can do to give up some of the control in that area.

If you have any level of addiction control is somewhere in the vicinity.  When youhave addiction issues you tend to have control issues and vice versa so harness those situations and seize the day!

It is all in your "control"! :)

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