Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Have you ever had someone give you advice and you just thought it wasn't for you?

My daughter had a very rough week trying to sleep...she was worrying about getting enough rest she was scared of the dark...long story short she had all kinds of issues and she wanted the lights on and doors open.

Her mother and I gave her constant advice on why she wasn't sleeping but she knew best!

Last night she finally listened to us and she slept through the night.

Thsi morning she looked at me and said daddy you were right.

Frustrating words to hear after all we had gone through but very rewarding as well.

This helped me take a step back and realize that we get advice alot and sometimes it is worth listening and trying....you never know the people giving the advice could be on to something so listen and try things!

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  1. Hi Tom,

    So true. I just had this discussion with my 15 year old, although he'll never take my advice. I gotta tell you - last week I was sick as a dog with a stomach virus. Didn't eat much, except some crackers and juice/water for literally 5 days. Never got to work out because I couldn't even move. Thought I'd lose a bunch of weight, but I'm sure you know, I lost absolutely nothing! Feeling better and back on the daily bike rides now. Just goes to show you how big an impact the exercise is!

    Your friend in Boston, Steve C.