Saturday, April 2, 2011


Anybody out there do it well? Living in or near the middle is amazingly difficult for me!

I usually have speeds of either 10 MPH or 150 MPH I don't tend to function well in the middle.

Whether it be food fitness TV Music relationships work I am either all in and over the top or I get shut off from things.

I believe true health lies in the middle.  When you are in weight loss mode or you need to get working out or maybe you are in incredible debt.....yes the need is probably there to go over the top a little bit and do things in excess.

For true health in a happy healthy life moderation is the key and it can be harder to live in the land of moderation than in the land of extremes.

The land of extremes can hurt you physically and mentally so you have to watch out so you don't become OCD.

The fun message here today is moderation is not only good it can be very healthy!

Has anyone ever to told you just be AVERAGE!  :):)

Maybe we should focus on being a good solid average and we may just like what we find!

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