Monday, April 11, 2011


Hard to believe how many choices we need to make in a day!

From getting out of bed in the morning to when we go back to bed at night we have thousands of choices.

So many opportunities to make the wrong ones.

I think we really need to remember that we will make bad decisions...personally and professionally every day.

The key to the process is knowing that you will make mistakes and not beating yourself up over them.

Choices are choices and you live with them...if you make mistakes you have to remember it is how you respond to the bad choices youmake that will usually define your future.

Think about yesterday...did you make any bad choices that you recall if so how do you follow up on them/remedy them?

Did you just let them go and not learn from them?
If you make bad choices use that as a launching pad to do the right thing going forward.

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