Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is it better to talk the talk and walk the walk?

Or is it better to just live life!

I got into an interesting debate today after the post yesterday......I was asked why even talk about things?

I think there is a strong basis for that.

If you live life to the fullest and do all you can to do the right thing you will be a role model by your actions and you really don't say much.

My challenge to all of you is around reflection....over the next few days think about what you want for your life at the end of the day or when you wake up in the morning reflect on things.......did your actions model the way....are you doing what you think you should be and what you expect for yourself.

Only you can make the decision as to whether or not you are living up to your goals and standards for yourself....the talk isn't important it is all about what you do every day......take two or three days to reflect on this and if the results aren't what you want think about making some honest with yourself!

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