Friday, April 15, 2011

Live life to the fullest!

Every moment truly counts my friends!

I was talking with a woman yesterday who has been married 40 years and her husband has had cancer the last seven....three years ago he was told he had six months but he is still fighting it!

The lady recognized me from the newspaper article I was in and she had lost 40 lbs and is 60 lbs short of her goal.

She was staying at the same hotel as me and her husband had been traveling for work so she was on the road with him.

She was talking about how hard it was to eat the right things while on the road.

The ight before they got to the hotel late and her husband said I just want a beer and a burger with my wife!  Now mind you they have been married 40 years and she said i would have had ten burgers with him if that is all he wanted.

She wants to get healthy and lose weight so she is able to take care of the love of her life as he faces trying times but she told me keep life in perspective.

She is so fitness and all those things are important but the true importance lies in living life to the fullest!

Never lose sight of that and cherish any opportunity to live life to the fullest every day!

Flowers really do have a nice smell stop and smell a few today!

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