Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knowledge is Power

I find out very often how little people no about health and fitness.

I know I was one of those folks.......I had discussions with many different people in my travels yesterday....from time on the plane to watching the basketball game last night the discussions were all very interesting....from food choices to activity levels most people don't get how easy little changes can be....the value of fruits and vegetables in your diet if you truly want to maintain or lose weight.....how important walking while on a conference call instead of sitting around can be.

All these things are very minimal but over the course of a year they are HUGE in relation to weight control and fitness levels!

Portion control...times during the day to eat your sweets or carbs....all these things are incredibly valuable...if you have questions on any of this stuff feel free to ask me or google the topic for some feedback/knowledge.

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