Sunday, April 3, 2011


I talk a lot aout fitness and nutrition........what about happiness?

Yesterday I mentioned moderation and today I wanted to touch on happiness...I believe moderation in everything we do can lead to true happiness.  When we have balance it is much easier to be happy with whatever is going on in our lives.

Think about what makes you truly happy.

I am sure for many of you it could be many different relation to weight loss or gain and fitness I would say the more moderation and just finding a pont or a place that enables you to live life daily in a happy healthy way is the key to anything and everything we do.

I took weight loss and fitness to the extreme....I would have rivaled a world class athlete in my fitness level but I was miserable...I lost 154 lbs and went from 54% Body Fat to 7.8% and I was miserable!

I am so happy right now and I am about 30 lbs heavier and wearing the same pant size that I wore 30 lbs because I found balance and a maintenance point.

Think about your goals in life and what you will be happy with...monetarily...weight level...once you identify those goals than find a good day to day plan and live it!

Let me know if I can halp or you get stuck along the way...that is the point of this blog!

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