Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope the Easter Bunny doesn't destrpy any of your progress!

I love EASTER!  Jelly beans, dark chocolate, and peanut butter egs are a few of my favorites.

Think about the Holiday this year...Easter and the true celebration of it is all about the come back story.  If you believe the true Easter story this is all about redemption and resurrection....we are all now desrerving of redemption if we believe the story so wherever you are in your life on any given day take advantage of that!

Think about the time of year we celebrate Easter....Spring....a time of new birth....if you have fallen off the wagon in your healthy fitness quest or things that are going on in your life are getting you down...think about the second chances we have been given think about new opportunities and new life and seize those opportunities as you head through the next year make Easter 2011 a difference maker!

Happy Easter and may all your eggs be peanut butter filled!

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