Monday, April 25, 2011


I was listening to an interview with Tony Horton this afternoon and it was very interesting....Tony was talking about how many people do things for the wrong reasons which leads to bailing out of programs!  He said if you are working out for your looks or to get into certain clothes you need to check yourself that can never be sustained!

You need to focus on the bigger need to get into bettering your life for the big picture!  Don't look at little things get a much bigger reason and use that to drive a lifetime goal not a monthly incentive!

He was talking baout how he lives in a 90/10 most of you know I go 80/20!

He had a real catchy slogan I liked...he said to have clean meals and dirty snacks...if your meals are healthy it is OK to have a Snicker's or a those things as your snacks and eat good healthy clean meals!

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