Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maintenance and Weight Loss Plateau

As we have discussed the last few days...these two things can be very tough to work through and even tougher to comprehend.

Take some time and really think about a weight that you can live with.

It may be 10 to 20 lbs or more than what people think you should be but if that is what you can live with at the end of the day it is better than going after a number everyone else wants for you and then constantly doing the yo-yo thing....that is really bad for your body!

You need to find your number and then when you are there be willing to bounce up or down 5% from that weight give yourself a 5% window on either side.....if you go under or over take action if not enjoy life.

Once you get to this point try and weight in once a month so you don't become to reactive.....this will enable you to live happy and healthy if you allow yourself to be realistic about your number from the start.

Establish your number really take time to think it through and then goal setting will be easy!

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