Sunday, July 3, 2011

What is in a name?

So you are trying to lose roll up on a meal with vegetables, salad and pasta as the components......BEWARE!

There have been studies done that have proven that when it weight loss mode the mind gets brainwashed at times and if the above meal was listed as a salad youwould jump in and feel like you were making a good healthy choice whereas if it was the same meal listed as pasta you would make another choice.

If I call a donut a vitamin it doesn't make it good for me so even if you are trying to lose weight it is still on you to look into the nutrition of something.....the world is littered with "low cal" "healthy" "natural" choices...these are all titles it is still up to us to take responsibility for our choices.

Keep this in mind on your journey and you may find some pounds hidden oout there you can lose just by educating yourself!

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