Thursday, July 14, 2011

It is OK to be human!

Nanci Hellmich wrote a few great articles n the USA Today yesterday!

One was about the new choices for kids that some restaurants are putting on their menu's....the other was about the food Mrs. Obama ate on the 4th of July.

It is common knowledge that Mrs. Obama is waging war against obesity so she was a prime target when she had a burger fries and a milkshake on the 4th.  Problem is that people just don't get it.....that is life....we are all humans...a burger fries and a shake don't make you obese.....when that is part of your daily routine your odds increase but it is only when things of that nature become part of your life that you run the risk of obesity.

Becoming obese is not an event it is a process.  You are human and you need to enjoy things in life or you will melt down.......if you don't build indulgences into your weekly routine's you have a better chance of becoming obese when you give up the ship than if you just enjoy things you like a few times a week....that si the 80/20 rule.....make the right choice 8 out of 10 times and enjoy what you want to the other two.

I am a proponent of eat less move more.....if you indulge go for an extra walk that day...many ways around it gang just enjoy yourself and try and do the right thing most of the time!  :)

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