Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't we all want to belong?

Whether you belong to a group...a family......a team....don't we all want to feel like we are a fit in that environment?

Many of us want to do things our way or be a little different but at the end of the day you want to be accepted.

That being said think a moment about what that truly means in your day to day life.  How many people do you come across each and every day that just need to feel accepted.

Many of us have so many things on our plate we don't like to take the time to help others feel good about their stack ranking in the group or team we are involved with them on but think about how important you can be in people's lives if you think about your feeling or need to belong and you go out of your way to help others in this area.

I have made this a focus in my life over the last few years and you will not be surprised to know that it can help you as much as the folks you are helping...give it a shot this weekend!

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