Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't mak your issues everyone else's!

We have been having birthday parties for my daughter for three days and it culminates in her true birthday tonight!

I have had a long road of weight loss and dedication to fitness and I always have to remeber that is my road!

I have made a decision to live life in a certain way.  It is not my place to look down my nose at the person that eats 6 doughnuts or three triple stackers at Wendy's...quite honestly I envy them...I love that stuff I just can't go down that road or my waistline would bulge and my cholesterol would skyrocket!

The reason for this note is to remind you that just like politics religion and most other things in life we all have a viewpoint and we all have an approach that we have chosen to take toward a certain situation.

I have made decisions and stance for myself and my family in a number of areas.....if my wife and kids want to eat certain things or veg out on the coach that is cool....I don't want them to get mad at me if I go for a bike ride so I don't bug them if they want a nap.

Remember that we all have positions on many different things in life and most of us won't agree on 50% of them...just respect others positions even if you don't agree with them and hopefully they can do the same for you!

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